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New release - 0.0.48a

0.0.48a Alpha


Added CurveTo with help from Simon Buxton.
He proposed the "Cubic Hermite Spline" and it seems to do the job quite well.

Still working on the BoxAround, CircleAround and sample code for mob management.

There is a release

11th Jan 07

There is actually a release in the Releases under 'planned release'.

This release, 0.0.42a, has the nuts and bolts to sequence your animations and get you started.

I plan to make another alpha release by the 14th with CurveTo, BoxAround and CircleAround. Also in that release I hope to have some examples of mob management in the demo code.

New Project

7th Jan 07

First full version will start with behaviours for:
  • JumpTo
  • LineTo
  • WaitFor
  • WaitUntil
  • CurveTo (Catmull-Rom I guess?)
  • CircleAround
  • BoxAround

Future implementations will include complex Bezier curves and also temporal modifiers for 'ease in', 'ease out', 'ease in/out' etc.

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